Flip Flop Residence

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    Flip Flop House
    Size: 5,700 square feet, including balconies

    Program: Three-story ground-up residence for two on a virgin beachfront lot. The first floor has a sitting room, two outdoor reflecting pools, pantry, wine cellar, beach shower, bathroom, and an elevator that provides access to every floor. The second floor comprises dining room, sun deck, kitchen, living room, and two guest bedrooms with shared bath. The third floor includes the master suite and bathroom, master closet, atrium garden, and office.

    Design: As its name suggests, the Flip Flop House by Dan Brunn Architecture plays with a sense of duality on multiple design levels. Acting as an architectural chameleon, the dynamic house is malleable to the clients’ desire to both display their art collection and embrace the sweeping vistas of Venice beach. The house’s signature gesture—its top-floor pivoting walls— facilitates this by rotating to display or conceal artwork. Besides the artwork and beach duality, there are other contrasts at work in this 5,700-square-foot minimalist house. The play of hard and soft, matte and reflective, shadow and light permeates every space. Expansive rooms with interior and exterior vistas flow seamlessly into endless ocean views

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    danbrunn.com Dan Brunn Architects M.Arch., Harvard University  B.Arch., USC School of Architecture Dan Brunn, AIA, has developed commercial and residential projects worldwide since establishing his firm, Dan Brunn Architecture, in 2005. He believes an architect’s role is to craft spaces that respect the site, provoke sensuous interaction, and heighten the user’s connection with the space. As a very young child, Dan was drawn to Legos as a means to explore building structures and continues to play with the balance of complexity and minimalism in his work. Born in Israel and raised in Los Angeles since the age of seven, Dan embraces an international and experimental approach to design. “In Tel Aviv, I was surrounded by Bauhaus- style architecture,” Dan explains. “The restraint of these buildings taught me that space and how we experience that space are of paramount importance.” As a young architect, only 36 years old, he has produced remarkably diverse projects— from award-winning restaurants to single-family residences and commercial showrooms. Consistent throughout each typology is an honoring of materiality, the ability to infuse ethereal natural light, and a tactful “hiding of mechanics.” His portfolio also includes furniture design in a variety of sleek, highly functional pieces offering streamlined solutions for the living room, bedroom, and bath. Prior to establishing his firm, Dan was Lead Project Designer at John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects, where he served as project architect on the National AIA award-winning design of the Los Angeles Design Center. He also taught a Masters studio at the Boston Architectural Center, and served as design studio instructor at Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) and the USC School of Architecture. Dan earned a BA in Architecture from the University of Southern California in 2001 and an MA in Architecture from Harvard (GSD) University in 2005. To draw inspiration from movement and rhythm, he composes music and performs with his band, DLD. Explaining the relationship, he notes: “Architecture should capture the rhythm of a client’s inner being, propelling the user through the space with movement. Good architecture is temporal and evolves as needs and technologies change.”
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