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Fitness Gadget Thesaurus



Precor is a international chief in the domestic/commercial exercise equipment because of their emphasis on superior nice, creative innovation and standard performance. They concentrate on each power device and aerobic and are probably maximum widely known for his or her innovative AMT (Adaptive motion instructor). 

Recumbent motorbike

class: aerobic

body components focused: hamstring, quadriceps, calves, gluteus maximus, abdominals, tibilais anterior

A recumbent bike is an exercise motorbike that locations its user in a reclining role with the pedals out in the front of them. The recumbent motorcycle is brilliant for users with returned problems because there may be

less strain at the decrease returned due to the laid-again position.

Smith gadget

category: electricity

frame parts focused: quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, returned

A smith device is a system normally including a vertical metallic rails this is used in weight training. It's miles mainly used with a barbell and as a self-recognizing machine. There are slots at the smith system that you could hook a barbell onto with best a twist of a wrist. There are also normally safeties which may be positioned at a minimum top to capture the barbell and prevent accidents. Smith Machines usually only additionally vertical movement and are primarily used for squats.


A fitness corporation set up in 1983 and acknowledged for their stair mountain climbing fitness gadget. Their most famous products include the stepper and stepmill.

Big name Trac

star Trac has been production exercise gadget for each domestic and commercial use considering the fact that 1979. Their major specialties are their seasoned Treadmill strains, their entire strains of selectorized electricity equipment and plenty more.


class: aerobic

frame components focused: quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, hip flexors, calves

A stepmill resembles an escalator inside the feel that it's far an countless set of rotating steps. These steps are attached to a belt that revolves with every step. Stepmills are intended to exactly simulate stair hiking and uses your personal body weight as resistance, that can growth the amount of energy burned.


class: cardio

frame parts focused: quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, hip flexors, calves

Steppers are machines that have two aspect by facet pedals that you pump up and down to simulate stair mountain climbing. On the grounds that steppers rely much less on body weight, they're extra effective for lighter people who won't have enough mass to correctly move the stepmills. Normally, steppers let you adjust resistance level to regulate depth and trouble of the exercise.

Upright motorcycle

category: aerobic

body components targeted: hamstring, quadriceps, calves, gluteus maximus, abdominals, tibilais anterior, middle

An upright bike is an exercising motorcycle in which the user sits in an upright position, just like a road bicycle, with the pedals nearly immediately underneath the seat. The upright role facilitates to simulate actual road motorcycle driving and engages the core extra than a recumbent motorcycle.

Weight Bench

category: power

frame components targeted: N/A

A weight bench (occasionally known as a fitness bench) is a padded board supported with the aid of legs and its number one motive is for weightlifters to take a seat or lie down on. There are numerous types of weight benches, including an incline bench, a decline bench, an ab bench, a preacher curl/curl bench and an Olympic bench.