Collection by Tyrone Hazen

Fireside Audiobox - Sound System Lights Music on Fire


The Fireside Audiobox sets your music on fire. Propane feeds a row of flames that react and respond to the sound waves of your music, resulting in a mesmerizing experience for you and your guests.

The Fireside Audiobox sets your music on fire.
Tempered, heat-resistant glass is used to reduce the effect of turbulent airflow due to breezes and provides the added...
We’ve developed a custom circuit board to ensure an intuitive user experience without any reduction in user control.
Our sustainably-harvested bamboo plywood boxes are designed with a mid-century modern appeal with a bent towards...
The Fireside Audiobox was designed as a home statement piece, beautiful to look at even when it's not synced to music.
Designed in Bend, Oregon, the Fireside Audiobox is a music player, a design showpiece, and a guaranteed conversation...
Turn on your Fireside Audiobox, connect your music via Bluetooth, light the fire, and it's showtime. ...

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