Finally: it's time for new exterior paint -- and now I have decision paralysis

It's finally time for us to select new exterior paint for our house. Hooray, because I have always disliked what we have. However, now that the time has finally come to choose new paint, I'm paralyzed by the possibilities. I'd like to select something that a) the neighbors won't hate and that b) looks a little more modern/urban than the current mountain-house woodland scheme. The interior is surprisingly contemporary compared to its exterior. The limiting element to consider is the color of the driveway (for which we have no plans to resurface at the moment). What would you suggest?

(Photo is from 15 years ago so we now have ass-kicking xeriscaping and have ditched the horrid Home Depot carriage lights on the front of the garage -- and hopefully a new front door is in our future, too.)
Other improvement suggestions welcome, too.

In all of its beige glory...