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Featured Panelist: Hunter Leggitt


Join us at Dwell on Design on Sunday, June 24th, where we'll be talking with Hunter Leggitt about design-build and what that means for professionals, architecture students, and clients. Formerly an architect for Cuningham Group, Leggitt opened his own studio in 2009 and earned his design-build stripes by working with Sebastian Mariscal Studio. Leggitt's first project as a builder was the Wabi House (Setember 2011), one of our most popular features. He has designed turn-key custom homes, managed their construction, and fabricated everything from framing to finishes, and will cover all those things and more at Dwell on Design. Scroll down for a look at some of his recent work.

Protected by an overhang, and floating above ground level, this tertiary space is known in traditional homes as the...
The 510 Cabin is one of Leggitt's designs, executed with the help of student apprentices.
Leggit counts a diverse array of projects in his portfolio, from houses to mixed-use projects to stages for...