- A ribbon that surrounds preventive care -
FC24 Dental Store is a dental clinic located in a shopping mall in the heart of Sapporo City, Hokkaido. The client is an established dentist in the local prefecture. Besides being the facility that offers one of the finest and most advanced dental implant operations in Japan, the new clinic covers extensive dental care such as preventive care, oral care for children, and orthodontics.

To encompass the broad activities of the clinic, The Archetype designed the space as an open, accessible information center for general oral care. Because the clinic is located within a shopping mall, the space needed an inviting atmosphere for mall shoppers to casually stop by. Therefore, at FC24 DENTAL STORE, right through the entrance, visitors will find a spacious shop/showroom area, instead of a receptionist behind the counter like at a regular dentist’s office.

Throughout the clinic runs an organic “ribbon” structure that characterizes its interior design. The swerving lines of the ribbon with the clinic's trademark orange color encloses, separates, and unites the 80 square meters space. The clinic is divided into two major areas by the ribbon: the open, front area that includes the shop/showroom, the waiting room and the casual consultation area where a “concierge” is stationed while the more intimate back area consists of several private rooms, equipped with built-in monitors, which can be used for meetings, long-term waiting, or for more private consultations.

These days people can find oral care products on the web or at drugstores, yet the needed information tends to be buried under the noise of unnecessary ones. In order to solve that, the clinic has the shop/showroom where the concierge provides necessary information for individual needs. The front space also has "Mountain", the high-ceiling, vertical wall for multiple uses, such as projection during lectures and events as well as art exhibitions.

FC24 DENTAL STORE is created not only for the treatment but also for communication and education, and its interior epitomizes the new arena of dental care.

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