Collection by Zac Sewall



Environments that exemplify my tastes in design and are some of the greatest I've laid eyes on

An Atypical Modern Home in Southern California
If good fences make good neighbors, then Shino and Ken Mori are the best neighbors ever.
metal. entrance. taller white structure is the greenhouse.
view when you walk in front door. operating principle. doctor livingston you're in the jungle in the far.
Dunlop demonstrates the deck’s secondary use: as a launching pad into the concrete plunge pool on the first floor.
Stacked concrete blocks and roof deck give diverse sea views.
The back wall of the garden, made from stacked concrete blocks, was initially meant to be a row of vertical planting...
This Victorian-era home in Melbourne, renovated by OOF! Architecture, maintains privacy from the street, but does so in...
Open-Plan Concrete Home in Japan
In Tokyo, Japan, where the houses are crammed cheek by jowl, two old friends from architecture school have created a...
Big Sur: Coastal Commissions
Taking cues from the flora, fauna, and rocky cliffs of Big Sur, California, Mickey Muennig's brand of organic architecture...
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