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A Couple Buy a Collapsing Cabin For $7K in Joshua Tree and Revamp it Into a Desert Oasis
Thanks to an extensive DIY renovation, a 480-square-foot homestead in Joshua Tree, California, receives a stunning new look.
“There’s a soulfulness in this small house that’s impossible to replicate in something completely new.
In the bedroom, a Margaret Kilgallen print joins a Brionvega Algol television, lamps from Patricia Urquiola and Pablo,...
Located in the bungalow, the master bedroom was updated.
CB2 was also a major furnishing source in this bedroom, as the lighting and matching patterned pillows were found there.
The units don't even require foundations—simple ground screws from Krinner are enough to support them.
Branchless plywood was used to create rustic planking for the interior walls and floors.
The adjoining master bathroom is connected by mirrored pocket door with bronze trim at the frame.
A split monolithic form gives this modern residence its name—Two Halves House.
Boasting 11-foot ceilings, the master bedroom showcases and celebrates numerous antiques unearthed from the home during...
The Bunk Room, located on the first floor, has direct pool access.
Surf Shacks 028 - Jess Bianchi + Malia Grace Mau
Nestled away in a remote and lush coastal nook of the Hawaiian island chain is the dream home of filmmaker Jess Bianchi and...
A Scandinavian Summer Home Built for Surf, Sports, and Sun
An adventurous family envisions a dream getaway on Sweden’s southwestern shore.