Collection by Diana Budds

"Fare" Trade Furniture


As Andy Freeberg perused Chelsea's galleries he noticed an interesting phenomenon: at some of the most prominent galleries, the only human presence was a person's head poking from the top of an ominous reception desk. Chronicled in the series "Sentry," Freeberg examined the phenomenon, capturing stoic images of some of the most popular New York galleries. In his most-recent series, titled "Art Fare," Freeberg revisits gallery desks, but this time at art fairs, where the large desks are ripped away and the gallerists are sitting out front for all to see.

Shot at Art Miami in 2009, the New York Armory Show in 2010, and Art Basel Switzerland, "Art Fares" shows some of the big names in the gallery world casually sitting at tables and chairs they brought with them. From classic Eames and Mies van der Rohe chairs, to contemporary pieces by Roy McMakin and Phillipe Stark, the selection of furniture reveals a personality to the gallery trade not seen in some of their brick and mortar outposts.

Ileana_Tounta at the Armory Show, NY 2010.
Magazzino at the Armory Show, NY 2010.
Matthew_Marks Gallery at Art Basel Miami, 2009.
Gary_Snyder, at Art Miami, 2009.
Leonard_Ruethmueller, at Art Miami, 2009.
Max_Hetzler, Gallery at Art Basel Miami.From the Series "Art...
Gagosian Gallery, Art Basel Miami 2009.
Claire_Oliver_Gallery, at Art Miami, 2009.
John Berggruen Gallery, Art Basel 2010.
Helly Nahmad, Art Basel 2010.