Collection by Allie Weiss

Fantastic Examples of French Living


From the heart of bustling Paris to the remote French Alps, these dwellings get our seal of approval.

A far cry from minimalism, the renovated 900-square-foot Paris flat belonging to Nicolas Roche, a scion of the French...
Villa Le Trident owes its name to the steep three-pronged piece of land on which it is situated.
A shift in material on the facade, from concrete to red cedar, delineates old and new spaces.
A row of vintage iron cabinets, mostly recovered from doctors’ and dentists’ offices, separate the kitchen from the...
A solid wood exterior retains heat in the winter and keeps the house cool in summer.
This three-bedroom home in Lille, France, is made up of eight stacked containers.
Situated on a natural promontory in Coupeaux, France, the home’s plan and expansive windows open it to the beautiful...

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