Collection by Diana Budds

Fair Chairs


We continue our coverage of the 2012 Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair with a selection of especially haute seats. The allure of a well-designed chair is tough to resist and there were plenty of lookers on the show floor. Most featured the attributes we all come to expect from Scandinavian design: blonde wood, hardy textiles, and crisp lines, but a few bucked the mold, featuring looser silhouettes and knitted slipcovers intended to act as furniture garments.

HAY released reissues of Danish classics by Poul M. Volther, Jørgen Bækmark, and Folke Pålsson.
This ash rocker is by Marte Straalberg, a student at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts, and was shown in the...
One Nordic unveiled this collaborative project with Form Us With Love.
The Meet pouffe and table by A2 was released this at the fair this year.
Soft upholstery envelops the Coupe chair by Läufer + Keichel for Offect.
The Ferdinand chair by Åke Axelsson for Gärsnäs.
Inge Sempe's Österlen chair for Gärsnäs was released in 2011, but went into production this year.