Collection by Luke Hopping

Facade Focus: Cor-Ten Steel


Whereas other exterior metals grow unsightly marks of wear with exposure to the elements, Cor-Ten thrives on oxidation. Culled from our archives, here are a few steel facades that become more distinguished with each new coat of rust.

Aidlin Darling's design for a three-story, Cor-Ten steel addition to a beachfront house in San Francisco was featured...
The woven wire steel mesh presents a semi-transparent sheath to the interiors.
Architect Andrew McAvoy created an earth-sheltered house in Scotland for Gavin and Angelique Robb and children Scarlett...
From a distance, the rusted Cor-Ten facade looks to be an extension of the rocky terrain. Photo by Rory Gardiner.
The Treehouse, also part of the Post Ranch Inn, features Cor-ten panels.
Tuned into its sylvan setting, this affordable green home in Hillsborough, North Carolina, is a modern take on the...
The fire-resistant structure is clad in corrugated Cor-Ten steel that has been left to rust for easy maintenance.