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Fabulous Kitchens

Casa Narigua - P+0...
The open-plan kitchen serves the family’s needs for easy entertaining.
The residents collaborated with the architects to achieve the sharp graphic sensibility they desired.
The cooking/dining space is the heart of the house, and is open to the elements.
The architect placed the windows at Sabrina’s eye level so that she’d be able to see her son, Rocco, playing in the...
The kitchen is marked by its Wolf gas range, white Carrara marble countertop bar, and Cobb Rise & Fall pendants by...
Although it mimics the appearance of rickety mining shanties, the home is airtight.
Local carpenter Crisow von Schulz constructed the cabinets from a single elm tree.
The twin kitchen islands are oriented parallel to the living room.
In the kitchen, white MDF cabinets stow tools.