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Awkwardly shaped and saddled with a run-down garage, the backyard posed a challenge.
Schaer replaced the garage’s crumbling wooden posts with an earthquake-resistant steel frame.
The owners’ goal was to transform the 19th-century building into a bold single-family residence.
Designed to be a welcoming space for visitors, the glassy foyer addition is clearly defined against the more private...
The front entrance is located next to the garage.
Inspired by her visits to Japan, architect Cary Bernstein did not build to the property lines but left open about...
Bernstein reconfigured the entryway to the street level; guests ascend to the main living space.
Unlike the north-facing side of the home, the south-facing facade is completely windowless and opaque, with the...
Floor-to-ceiling windows accentuate the home’s indoor-outdoor flow and connect the first-floor dining room to a patio.
Landscape architect Tait Moring installed pavers around the structure’s perimeter and kept the tree cover intact.
An enclosed courtyard, bordred by ipe, is arguably the most distinctive feature of the house that the Phil Kean Design...
Solavera, Austin, Texas area.