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Explore the Modern Workplace at Dwell on Design NY


At Dwell on Design NY, Cornell University professor Franklin Becker and Los Angeles–based architect Kulapat Yantrasast delve into the zeitgeist of modern workspace design. By exploring the intersection of technology, behavior, and design, Becker and Yantrasast dissect the latest trends to see what advancements are making work lives easier.

Join us on Thursday, October 9, at 12:00 p.m., for our panel on the Modern Workplace.
Kulapat Yantrasast is the principal and founder of wHY, the Los Angeles–based architecture firm that's designed...
Franklin D. Becker specializes in organizational ecology, a field of research that studies what makes organizations...
All Phifer’s 25 employees work around a hundred-foot table.
Action Office II by Robert Propst for Herman...
A preoccupation for Levine was saving space and money; he and his team used threaded steel rods and birch veneer...

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