Collection by Zachary Edelson

Examples of Mahogany's Richness in Modern Homes


From cabinets to floors to ceilings, mahogany is an indulgent but beautiful material to use. As with any tropical hardwood, caveat emptor: make sure whatever mahogany you purchase is sustainably and legally harvested. Look for certification from organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council.

The adjacent open kitchen is made of mahogany (to match the floors, ceilings, and walls), accented by a volcanic stone...
Pietra Serena tiles unite the living room, dining room, and kitchen under a mahogany ceiling.
The mahogany-paneled Poggenpohl kitchen system is original to the house.
Varying types of wood make up the home's interior: white oak planks for the floor, solid mahogany for the cabinets, and...
Naturally subtle tones predominate in the bathroom, with Walker Zanger stone floors complemented by sanded concrete...
The courtyard deck is also made of tallowwood, a native eucalyptus.
Mahogany flooring, a continuation of the mahogany backyard deck and front porch, is enhanced with a clear finish.