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Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows at the entryway, natural light now floods inside.
Sliding panel at the entry...
The house’s concrete and metal are warmed by mahogany-framed windows from Duratherm.
A perpendicular wing houses the garage.
Taking an active role in the restoration of a midcentury house she and her husband bought near Chicago in 2013, Eva...
A bright, yellow door serves as the main entrance to the house.
The house sits on a steep site and was positioned below a sandstone crop so as to be concealed from the street.
The entrance to the house.
Flush at the corners where the eaves of the roof meet the siding, the kitchen’s streamlined body is partly clad in...
The door to the social zones swing open to connect to the terrace.
Mirrored glass allows this holiday home in Mexico to blend in with it's woodland site.
The dark-stained exterior cladding stands in contrast to the light wood decking and warm interiors.
The angled roof of the post-and-beam construction.
The walls are painted the same color as the tin roof finishing, which is made from local Cryptomeria wood.
The entrance to the weekend home.
Fitted on all sides with warm wood, this double-height, gable-shaped passageway serves as the entrance to the house.
The curve of the door handle follows the golden ratio—the basis for Le Corbusier’s Modulor system of proportions.