Collection by Allie Weiss

Elegant Closet Solutions


From a luxurious midcentury changing room to under-stair solutions, these closets show graceful ways to store clothes and kitchen gear.

The apartment's built-in closets are deep and have mirrors on one side.
In the bedroom portion of the upstairs studio, a vintage Japanese indigo quilt from the Rose Bowl Swap Meet lies folded...
Xenia’s dressing room was much larger than Irwin’s and had a custom stool covered in Girard’s Mogul 081 fabric.
With space for shoes (the pair don’t wear any in the home), Rollerblading gear, umbrellas, and more, the deep entrance...
Every leftover space was put to use.
The apartment’s main stairwell, disguised as a Shaker cabinet–meets–Japanese tansu stair, houses storage for kitchen...
What was once a bathroom now serves as a walk-in closet and Nelson’s office. The closets are from IKEA.