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Eco-Friendly Homes in Los Angeles


Los Angeles isn't all mansions and superhighways. As these eight homes demonstrate, sustainability is within reach in America's second largest city.

The house sits on a corner lot, which makes the side yard (shown here) also a front yard.
Wakeland goes to work on the garden terraces where the couple grows much of their own food.
In Scarpa and Brook' own house, they’ve mounted luminous solar panels in a rusted-steel-beam grid to form a modernist...
Auburn 7 developer and resident Michael Kyle hangs with his dog Moxy in the front yard of the unit owned by his...
For the facade, exposed to the constant salt air, the team considered everything from copper or zinc to Kynar-coated...
The layering of the remodeled house is revealed in this image of Robin and Jeremy relaxing on the front deck.
The lower living space on the ground floor of a Los Angeles, California, home features an EcoSmart fireplace fueled by...
Components for low-cost prefab homes designed by Habitat for Humanity and the firm Minarc for South Central Los Angeles...
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