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Easy Urban Gardening with Bosske Planters


New Zealand–based Bosske derives its name from “bosky,” an old English word meaning “small forest.” Expanding on this concept, Bosske creates gardening products for small spaces, including indoor environments like apartments. Bosske’s line of products also includes self-watering reservoirs that enable them to practically care for themselves, making them ideal planters for busy professionals. Find the planters in the Dwell Store.

A best-selling product at the Dwell Store, the Bosske cube is available in a small, large, and trio planter.
The Boskke cube is filled through an opening in the corner of the plant.
The Bosske cubes can be used to house flowers, giving a pop of color to an apartment, or a variety of other plants.
In addition to its fleet of cube planters, Bosske designed the Sky Planter, which can be hung from a ceiling or covered...