Collection by Erika Heet

Easy Being Green: 5 Incredible Sustainable Homes


One of our perennial favorite departments at Dwell is Off the Grid, our monthly section devoted to sustainable architecture, materials and techniques. Off the Grid has been a part of Dwell since the very beginning, and after 13 years, we've amassed quite the archive. Here are a few favorites from issues past.

The Damianos’ house, located in Denver’s Highland neighborhood, runs completely on solar...
Instead of installing a typical cement slab driveway, Waechter and Crymes opted for concrete pavers mixed with patches...
Architect Konieczny lifted the existing ground and wrapped it around the roof and exterior rooftop staircase,...
A series of reclaimed-wood-clad structures make a family compound on a 24-acre island on Shoal Lake.
The house clearly displays its Sea Ranch–style touches.