Collection by Debra Gildersleeve

East End Home Redesign


Home redesign by interior Debra Gildersleeve of RENEE'S on the North Fork of Long Island.

The large accent mirror on the wall adds a beautiful illusion of extra space, while the plush area rug keeps the room's...
Detail close up of the family room. Beach elements and neutral shades add to the style of the home.
Coastal-inspired master bedroom with neutral shades of blue and beige, mixed lighting, and layered elements create an...
An intimate setting for entertaining or family dinners, this formal dining room is complete with an intricate...
A bright and spacious kitchen with multiple levels of lighting, modern industrial accents, and use of kitchen storage...
A cozy corner of the master bedroom with a lot of natural light, and delicately beautiful chandelier for added warmth.
Cozy family room with attractive, ample storage creating a beautiful and functional space.

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