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Dyson Wireless Handheld Vacuum for Small Jobs


James Dyson made his name making high-end, beautifully structured, and functionally impressive vacuum cleaners. An offshoot from the typical canister and upright vacuums Dyson makes is its wireless handhelds, the latest of which is the DC59 Motorhead. The benefit of one of these models is that since they’re so light and maneuverable, it’s easier to clean intermittently. The DC59 can’t match the suction power of a dedicated upright, but it's ideal for quick dust removal, sucking up spider webs, or clearing broken glass. Available for $550.

As the name implies, the DC59 is unique because it has a motor in the carbon fiber cleaning head.
The whole rig weighs just under five pounds, which means it can be held upright to vacuum shelves and corners of rooms.
An exterior switch pops the bottom of the bin open to let out the debris.
The high price of a Dyson goes towards having the best aesthetics of any vacuum in the industry and the most powerful...

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