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Dyson Humidifier Will Keep Your Air Clean Using Bacteria-Killing Technology


Sir James Dyson’s team specializes in taking staid appliances and reinventing them into something functional, beautiful, and often justifiably expensive. His team’s most recent subject is a self-cleaning humidifier dubbed "Hygienic Mist." Click through the slideshow to see how it holds up. Available in the U.S. in Fall 2015.

The water contained in typical humidifiers is a breeding ground for bacteria.
The humidifier sends moisturized air throughout the room using the same technology you’ll recognize from the brand's...
While the ultraviolet disinfection technology may not be a necessity, keeping a humidifier clean is vital.
Not known for cutting corners, Dyson spent $60.4 million to develop the humidifier, and went through 643 prototypes.
After the unveiling in Japan, the humidifier will arrive in the United States in Fall 2015.

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