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Dwell Magazine is printed in Minnesota, and has been produced at this facility and by this team for almost a decade. #process

This is spine glue in its solid state. It is heated during binding but does not adhere fully until cooled.
Who knew that dance floor wax was the perfect antidote to static build-up in the bindery? Process cross-over at its...
Collaborating to get the best result possible. In the distance are the signatures traveling towards the waiting pallets.
The pressroom is full of sights, sounds, and taste.
One of the many turns the signatures take on their way to resting on a pallet between printing and binding.
The team works closely with our Dwell representative to make sure the result is as clean and colorful as possible.
Tens of thousands of signatures roll off this press every hour, in a seamless flow.
The crew keeps a close eye not only on the controls, but also on the pages by pulling samples from the line frequently.
Signatures traveling through on the way to a waiting pallet.
Color approval can take quite a while, even though the team is moving as quickly as possible to "get up to color." They...
The same person has been approving every page of Dwell Magazine for many years.

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