Collection by Kristen W. Terry

Dwell on Design 2013: Outdoor


Dwell Outdoor is center stage at this year’s Dwell on Design, with full-scale prefab structures creating a neighborhood feel. All of the buildings bring their own flavor to the prefab methodology, and one walk-through might not be enough to catch all of the detail.

Method Homes’ 700 square feet structure features decor items from jcpenney’s new Home collection.
LivingHomes—with MANN handmade products decorating the space.
PieceHomes is not only an environmentally conscious company, they’re clever, too—their tagline is pH: for a balanced...
If you’re missing the requisite green thumb for growing plants, be sure to check out ORTA Kitchen Garden Design, which...
VesseL USA, Inc. planters and containers will be perfect for relocating your seedlings when they’ve grown.
Hurbz showcases their space-saving modules, which enable city dwellers with little excess space to grow their own...
TerraTrellis’ romantic trellises populate the space.
Quirky birdhouses by TerraSculpture.
The Helios Lounge by Galanter and Jones is in high demand, but if you can snag a seat, it’s well worth it. The cast...