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Dwell Houses, In Their Own Words


Dwell's "My House" section has been an integral part of the magazine since it was founded in 2000. Homeowners get the opportunity to describe how their modern home works for them, and supplies words of wisdom on how to pursue a similar project.

Lucky Diaz spent three and a half months on this project, working all hours to get it done. “It was worth it,” he says.
A free-flowing, open-plan dining and living area is built of local Dahoma wood and has sliding screens and jalousie...
The bedroom takes up the small second floor of the house.
Natural light fills the home, which Watson and Tschopp decorated with a mix of modern classics, thrift-store finds, and...
David Underwood, Langston-Jones’s partner, opens the large glass doors that expand the interior of the small house out...
Now rented out as an office/retail space, the downstairs contains a kitchen, which is fitted with Ikea lamps and steel...
The open office and bedroom reside on either side of the second story catwalk.
Wooten asked Massie to incorporate a 1960s steel screen by Don Drumm into the house; Massie placed it on a central...
“Many of my pieces are first-runs from Bocci, so I am the first to figure out if something is wrong [with the design].
Floor-to-ceiling windows capture natural light and warmth while offering expansive views of the woods to the south.

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