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Dwell & DDG Holiday Party at 345meatpacking


This Monday, Dwell co-hosted a holiday celebration of design at DDG's newly unveiled 345meatpacking condoplex in New York City. The 37-unit condo building was shrouded in a Yayoi Kusama covering until its unveiling last week, and the event gave attendees the opportunity to peek inside the 11-story building fronted in hand-laid Kolumba brick imported from Denmark. The building is topped with a three-story bronze exterior and rooftop garden.

The doors to two model units were opened to party-goers who mingled among furnishings brought together by the Future Perfect and BDDW. The pieces were highlighted by fixtures from lighting designers Lindsey Adelman and Roll & Hill. Accented by artwork selected by gallery Mixed Greens, the units provided a warm ambience for a holiday gathering. Click through our slideshow for a preview of the interiors.

Aaron Schurgin and Thom Filicia gather in the Future Perfect–designed library.
A BDDW furnished bedroom with custom Lindsey Adelman lighting.
Charles Brill of Rich, Brilliant, Willing and Jason Miller of Roll & Hill smile for the camera.
The Future Perfect gang share a drink as guests admire their handiwork.
DDG CEO Joe McMillan and Peter Guthrie, the architect behind 345meatpacking celebrate the unveiling of their latest...
Laura Beck, Dwell's Director of Communication Alex Polier, and lighting designer Lindsey Adelman.
Meg McGinnis, Alex Polier, and designer Brad Ascalaon with wife, Amy.
Party-goers gathered in one of the two condos presented at the event.
Party-goers gathered in one of the two condos presented at the event.
Peter Guthrie, DDG; Jes Paone, DDG; Alex Polier; and Ghislaine Viñas make for a festive group.
This Roll & Hill ceiling fixture was quite the hit.
Shauna Mei, AHAlife founder, and Michela O'Connor Abrams, Dwell President, recently launched the Dwell + AHAlife...
Theo Richardson and Alexander Williams of Rich, Brilliant, Willing enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather on the 2nd...

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