Collection by Jaime Gillin

Dror-Designed Soho Synagogue


Designed by Studio Dror, the new SoHo Synagogue in New York aims to translate the inspiration of Judaism to a new generation. Founders Rabbi Dovi Scheiner and his wife Esty Scheiner invited Dror to create a space that melds religious traditions with a thoroughly modern aesthetic, a surprisingly raw and industrial space, and the open-minded local Jewish community. "I intended for the SoHo Synagogue to be an inspiring, creative shelter to bring a new light onto the religious traditions," says Dror. Here's a look inside, with photos by John M. Hall.

The synagogue is set in a storefront that used to be a fashion boutique.
The first thing you see when you enter the synagogue is a long narrowing reception area.
Past the corridor, you arrive at the top of a steel-and-glass stairwell that overlooks the subterranean sanctuary.
A peaceful sanctuary atmosphere, traditionally created by the light through stained-glass windows, is here created with...
In lieu of traditional prayer benches, a series of low beige couches accommodates congregants.
Along one wall is a towering menorah fresco, created with black painted lines and seven glowing square bricks that were...
The Torah ark sits in the center, flanked by a pair of Dror's blue Peacock chairs.
Here's a view of the ark in action, mid-way open. Photo by John M. Hall.
And here it is fully open, revealing the Torah inside.

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