Collection by Dora Vanette

Dreamy Outdoor Gardens


These gardens blur the boundaries between natural and manmade landscape, providing a welcome escape from the bustle of daily life.

The structure is comprised of sheets of glass, a steel armature, and a wood shed that hugs the rear...
The landscape Hayes conceived for a private garden in Santa Fe, New Mexico, exploits the desert landscape with...
In the back, ferns and other shade-friendly plants thrive beneath the home’s deep overhangs.
The Opdahl House, designed by Edward Killingsworth for Richard and Joyce Opdahl, is located on the island of Naples, in...
The Kavner house is a California take on the classic Adirondack style of upstate New York.
Ledner's second shoot took place in early spring 2012, once the fence had been installed and the flowers were blooming.
In an effort to preserve the surrounding mature gardens, the addition did not alter the footprint of the house.