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Outer Space Landscape Architects built a custom fireplace in the backyard, which acts as a backstop for the seating...
The larger master bathroom was reoriented and updated with new materials—the same ones that have been used throughout...
To enlarge the bathroom, they integrated the closet space into the new bathroom, and thus had to create new storage.
Similar to other Eichlers in this style, the office looks through the courtyard and into the living room.
The new gray porcelain tiles are fit seamlessly throughout the space and into the courtyard.
In order to open up the space, Klopf Architecture took out some walls that were supporting beams.
To satisfy the couple’s desire to combine the kitchen, living, and dining spaces into one large area, they removed the...
As one of Eichler’s courtyard models, the office looks directly through the atrium and into the glass-enclosed living...