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The east-west breezeway divides the home into nearly equal halves: 700 square feet for bedrooms, a bathroom, and the...
On the northwestern tip of Scotland’s Isle of Skye is a vacation rental that's inspired by the region’s traditional...
Changing the vehicular approach provides for direct garage access and allows for the drought-tolerant landscaping to...
At night, the quiet drama of the shed roof's angles glows against the darkened forest.
Naked Naust
Inspired by Norway’s traditional boathouses, Swedish architect Erik Kolman Janouch plants a cottage into Vega Island’s barren...
The New Home On the Block That Uses 90 Percent Less Energy
A Seattle engineer builds an energy-efficient house with an assist from a prototype smart-home system.
A Quintessential Midcentury Home Goes LEED Platinum
Architect Michelle Kaufmann transforms a 1965 home into a paragon of sustainability.

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