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Dream House

Tribeca Manufacturing...
The kitchen occupies one corner of the L-shaped structure.
A three-sided fireplace offers warmth.
The efficiency and aesthetics of prefab proved appealing to the owner of this Dwell Home, built on a rugged island off...
Choate selected maintenance-free materials for the project wherever possible, including the stone on this fireplace,...
Mike's second-floor office features locally-sourced cabinetry.
Peeling back plaster and drywall they unearthed beautiful brick walls.
Barbara Hill's Dancehall/House in Marfa,...
The home is conceived as a single, level volume, safe for a deck and outdoor dining area located a few steps below the...
Exposed boards that were salvaged from the original apartment were installed into the master bedroom.
The bedroom is located on a mezzanine just below the roof of the church.
Uninterrupted cement flooring was chosen for the mezzanine.
The bedrooms feel like sanctuaries, as they’re much darker and enclosed than other spaces in the home.
To free up space, beds, shelves, and a sofa appear to be built into the wall.
Wenes and Lens conceptualized a gradation of white to gray hues for the walls of the 1,500-square-foot gallery into the...
In the bedroom, an open closet with built-in shelving leads to the master bathroom.
Don designed and built the white-oak kitchen table, which is cantilevered so knees don’t bump the underpinnings.
A custom Stickbulb LED lamp hangs above a kitchen island topped by concrete from Get Real Surfaces.
A bridge connects the second-floor office and guest bedroom with the backyard-facing master bedroom.
A row of clerestory windows run beneath the peaked ceiling in the kitchen, permitting natural light to bisect the heart...