Collection by UP interiors

Doors and windows

Concrete fireplace between large windows.
Window with wood blinds.
Vertical angled window. Fredensborg House by Norm Architects.
Wood and concrete. Rüthi by Schneider Türtscher Architekten.
Two leaves sliding door. Red Square House by ArchiWorkshop.
Window sill. Stora Sjöfallet 2 by Joliark.
Wood framed windows. Casa Abierta by Rosario Talevi.
Concrete window frame. Terras 8 House by Cais.
Black framed glass door.
Recessed door. Dar Mim by Septembre.
Sliding door. Hubert by Septembre.
Angled door. Sereine by Septembre.
Wooden pivot screens.
Glass door and windows. Fulham House by Daniel Lee.
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