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Donald Judd-Inspired Designs in Modern Homes


While he vehemently disavowed the label of "minimalism," Donald Judd led the way for spreading that aesthetic movement. His artworks emphasize craft, materials, and simple geometries while rejecting any attempt at conventional artistic representation or categorization: he insisted his pieces were not sculpture as they were actually fabricated by skilled craftsmen (with Judd just supplying the design). Judd did design some furniture though he distinguished these functional products from his art. See how these architects and clients were inspired by his work!

Ohm enlisted Ohio Design to fabricate the fleet of minimalist, Donald Judd–inspired furniture, including a desk and...
The floor lamp is Ohm’s design, made by Phoenix Day.
Twin storage towers may draw inspiration from minimalist artists like Donald Judd, but they are the perfect foil for...
On the main floor, the kitchen islandis like Zulaikha’s own version of a Donald Judd sculpture: minimal, freestanding,...
A sliding door separates the upstairs hall from the master bedroom, furnished with a pair of Donald Judd chairs.
Flavin created minimalist sculptures using commercially available flourescent lights, like the 1977 piece seen here,...

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