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Built to stay cozy through all kinds of weather, Micro House has a gray-stained, cedar rain screen in addition Lo-E...
A primed pine interior subtly frames each window opening.
A large picture window allows Camel's Hump to hang above the kitchen/work table like a painting.
A cutaway in the structure's cubic shape forms a front porch, where a graphic yellow door welcomes visitors.
Every Dwell photo is now a place for discovery and discussion.
A writing desk is paired with a classic Series 7 chair by Arne Jacobsen.
Living in a house without a kitchen required some patience on Lewis’s part, but she relished the process and kept her...
The kitchen mood board features a unified palette of warm beige, gray, and white; the matte black faucet topping the...
Stowing the queen-size Room Makers Murphy bed by SICO frees up access to custom built-in cabinets and pull-down closet...
After successfully reconfiguring his own tiny New York City apartment, Robert Garneau, partner at Architecture Workshop...
A Pivoting Wall Makes This Tiny Studio a Fit For Any Occasion
Movable modular parts make this renovated, 400-square-foot Manhattan apartment a flexible feat.