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Dive In: 7 Modern Swimming Pools We Love


Escape from the summer heat with these jaw-dropping pools that are equal parts cool and inspiring.

Spencer Greene and his daughter, Anya, go for a dip in their Palo Alto, California, home.
The pool of the Phoenix house feels as laterally finite as the house feels spacious—but the view goes up forever.
Two linked 1,000-square-foot pavilions are greater than a sum of their parts.
Competitive swimmer Sydne Didier commissioned Austin Design Inc.
Rebirth of the CoolThe Sunshine State once yielded a bumper crop of modernist homes that—as this remodel proves—are...
The final, layered look of the pool and its surroundings—which mitigates a 30-inch drop from house to guesthouse—was...
The Pryors relax at their Montauk retreat among modular furniture from Richard Schultz's Swell Seating Collection and...