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Legendary Textile Artist Kay Sekimachi’s Renovated Berkeley Victorian Is a True Creative Haven
A new book from Rizzoli brings us into the richly layered residence of Sekimachi and her late husband, woodturner Bob Stockdale.
6 Lessons We Can Learn From Traditional Mediterranean Building Techniques
You don’t have to live in the Mediterranean to learn valuable lessons from the building techniques and architectural designs...
Paper Trail
A couple’s quest to reinvent wallcoverings takes them from New York to the Ozarks.
The living room, dining room, and kitchen are arranged in a 60-foot-long enfilade.
An Ingo Maurer Zettel’z 5 chandelier hangs in the entry hallway; sunlight from the home's expansive backyard is already...
Boxes and boxes of Zack’s books found a new home in the custom library wall, fabricated with hot rolled steel, white...
One of the greatest design challenges, according to Franz and Paré-Mayer, was reimagining the dark, unfinished garage...
The sliding wall panel is seen in its open position.
Averse to the idea of a television being the centerpiece of a space, the owners instead opted for a clever alternative...
Scott and Regina’s toolkit of electronics extends outdoors.
Two Silicon Valley Vets Master the Smart Home Without Going Full “Jetsons”
A freshly blackened veneer is the face of a San Francisco tract house’s Cloud-based reinvention.
The drawers and cupboards in the closet feature the same masterful joinery established in the kitchen.
Outside looking in: a look at the door's mechanism.
The LC4 lounge is by Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, and Pierre Jeanneret for Cassina.
Striking Slatted Wood and Glass Home in San Francisco
Teaming up with architect Craig Steely, an industrial designer and a mechanical engineer find just the right design for a...
The custom shoe cabinets at the top of the stairs double as a balustrade.
Bruce Livingstone’s seaside getaway in British Columbia features a remarkably open layout.

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