Collection by Zachary Edelson

Designs That Don't Compromise Privacy for Sunlight and Views


It may the biggest discrepancy between seductive renderings and actual dwelling: glassy facades—especially on busy streets and dense neighborhoods—just become a constant showcase for a home's curtain selection. These seven projects found a more subtle approach.

Made from anodized aluminum, the mechanical louvers surrounding the master bedroom provide privacy while letting in...
Karie and Mason enjoy a playful loll on the bed in the Deans’ new master bedroom.
Composed of 220 aluminum "light shelves," the solar reflector screen is the focal point of the front façade.
In the master bathroom, wrapped in custom oak casework, plenty of natural light permeates the steel panels.
In the master bath, the architect managed to combine privacy and a view by adding a horizontal-line pattern to the...
A glass-lined shower with a Hudson Reed showerhead adds a modern touch to the second-floor bathroom.