Collection by Marianne Colahan

Designs in Cool Copper


Copper is a material that lets design seekers incorporate metals into their decor while adding a distinctive look from stainless steel and brass. An inviting metallic, copper can be used in a variety of products, instantly elevating the item with shine.

The Copper Chemistry Collection employs a sophisticated marriage of materials in glass and copper.
A new arrival to the Dwell Store, Tom Dixon’s Cube Collection brings copper to a modern desktop.
Yield Design Co.’s Meso Copper Pendant is a statement-making lighting source that is both minimalist and sculptural.
With its Wire Trash Bin, Menu takes a necessary accessory and recasts it as a distinctive accent.
The Stropp Coat Hook from by Lassen completely redefines traditional pegs and hooks.
With a shiny copper-plated base and a mirrored luster glass cover, the Hurricane Lamp is a decorative element that...
The Signal Pendant Light is at once simple and sculptural.
Inspired by Scandinavian tradition and the short daylight hours of the Northern climate, the Lup Candleholder brings...