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Designer Spotlight: Vera & Kyte


Two young Norwegian designers combine Scandinavian tradition with postmodern playfulness.

Product, furniture, and interior designers Vera Kleppe and Åshild Kyte have managed to preserve that most fleeting of qualities, childlike curiosity, and combine it with a deep-seated understanding of tradition and history. Their designs immediately reveal a playful sensibility in experimenting with color and shape. Kleppe and Kyte, who are based in Bergen, Norway, switch among soft pastels and bold contrasting colors, voluminous shapes and clean lines that draw inspiration from postmodernist influences such as the highly revered Memphis Group, making Vera & Kyte an excellent choice for Milan's Salone Satellite. But these lighthearted designs are also serious in their simplicity and functionality, revealing a strong Scandinavian background that keeps us interested long after the first glance.

Vera & Kyte's Topiary lamps are elegant in their pastel colors and almost two-dimensional character.
The lamps play with our perception of depth and space. Photo courtesy of Vera & Kyte.
The strict geometry of the Apparel wardrobe and room divider is offset by its airy character.
The Balcony daybed is an exercise in line and volume. Photo courtesy of Vera & Kyte.
Despite a predilection for pastel colors, Vera & Kyte don't shy away from bold colors and shapes in their Pedestal...
Vera & Kyte's set of shelves, exhibited at 2013 London Design Festival, resemble a small postmodern landscape.
Vera & Kyte are showcasing their newest work at Milan Salone Satellite, Stand D15. Photo courtesy of Vera & Kyte.