Collection by Eujin Rhee

Designed by Tomas Kral


Tomas Kral is a product designer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Inspired by tradition and highly experimental with craftsmanship, the Slovakian-born designer infuses each project with unexpected ideas, simple but innovative solutions, and a sense of humor. Click through the slideshow to view nine of his completed works.

Completed in 2008 while studying at the Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne, the Plug is a series of objects that combine...
The Array stool is made up of identical powder-coated aluminum sheets that are laser-cut and bended.
The Auvent is a "small roof, a micro-architecture in a scale of a candle." The "marquise" fixed on the end of the thin...
The Clown Nose is a series of objects inspired by the red clown nose.
The Homework, Kral's most recent project, is a cleverly-designed work table.
Inspired by a simple automobile, The Big Race! is a stackable bowl fit for all ages.
The Flex is a series of everyday home and office boxes based on the principle of flexibility, one of the main...
Red ceramic contrasts against the black hardware in these Terracotta table lamps.
The Shift is a gold-plated bronze candelabra fit to hold up to four candles.
The product designer Tomas Kral.

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