Collection by Aaron Britt

Design Miami: Mexican Design


When I interviewed Design Miami co-founder Ambra Medda before the show, she told me that she was most excited about a display of Mexican design pieces, ranging from mid-century to the present, collected at the gallery Sebastian + Barquet of New York.

I too was intrigued and made a point of stopping in. I had a chat with Nicholas Kilner of the firm and he walked me through the work of several Mexican designers, some of whom I knew well--Luis Barragan--and others--Emiliano Godoy--whom I'd never heard of at all. Quite a solid show, all told, and one that certainly furthered my design education. Have a look at the slideshow for a wonderful little primer of the best of Mexican design.

Nicolas Kilner of the gallery Sebastian + Barquet called this pyramid of designs by Pedro Friedenberg "the Shrine." It...
This pair of bent birch wood stools is from contemporary Mexican designer Emiliano Godoy.
This sextet of chairs caused a bit of controversy with regards to attribution.
I was especially fond of this zigzagging screen by Matthias Goeritz.
Think Latin America meets 2001.
Though I don't have any Pink Floyd posters in my house, I do have a soft spot for these hand chairs from Pedro...
This butterfly chair, also by Pedro Friedenberg, hails from the 1980s.
This is my favorite of the Friedenberg canon on display. An R. Crumbian clock with both hands and feet, as you move...
I first became acquainted with the work of American-born designer Don Shoemaker a few months back at the San Francisco...
The organic curves of this loveseat from Don Shoemaker fits nicely with the chair from the previous slide.
I think this is my favorite of the Don Shoemaker pieces.