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Departamento Roma Oaxaca


A reorganization of the program of this apartment was done to make the most of the double height and large window of the living dining room and changing the second one to another area to have a more ample entertaining space. The great wall that marks the entrance was left in white and four pieces of the ancient lattice of the perimeter wall of the former UDLA in Mexico City — very close by— were hanged on it. The geometry of the pieces, the grand window and the staircase take advantage of the space and welcome into a more intimate area filled with texture and color where the sitting area was located made of a careful selection of lounge chairs and original pieces.

The first level ends with the kitchen a very large space that opens into a terrace that has a very strong personality thanks to the lush vegetation. Another change in the program was to locate the dining room inside the kitchen with a light division done by wood strips and wool threads that resemble a loom. The service door was covered with a curtain to make the space warmer and emphasize its importance inside the space.