Collection by Diana Budds

Daring Geometric Houses Around the World


Take a spin around the globe in this gallery of homes that take shapeliness to the next level.

The Victorian ash siding keeps this Australian bungalow courtyard cool in warm temperatures.
The black facade of the Yatabes’ house may turn a darkly futuristic face to its suburban block, but behind it the house...
Geraldine and Kit Laybourne’s apartment is inside architect Neil Denari’s HL23 building in the Chelsea arts district of...
“I hope that the design will stimulate architects to break away from strictly cubic structures,” Hecker wrote...
The family built the rich wood deck in the backyard, a warm visual contrast to the cold concrete and steel building.
A narrow terrace—one of three—hangs precariously over the street.
In the Dolomite mountains, an angular copper-clad apartment building echoes the topography of its site.