Collection by Luke Hopping



Cantilevers add visual tension to the exteriors of these modern buildings.

A Home Inspired by the Stars Soars Off the Ground
This new retreat cantilevers over the Canadian forest for river views.
Is it Any Surprise a Sculptor Had a Hand in This Home?
An asymmetric retreat in Quebec is an exquisite cadaver, one part sculpture and two parts architecture.
Architect Peter Anderson explains that “the floating nature of the design would not have been possible with...
At night, the exterior is lit with small LED bulbs for minimum impact.
Both the front door and garage are accessible from street level.
A dramatic cantilever forms the home's communal living space.
The front door is tucked under a cantilevered terrace.
Located on a steep site with limited suitable building ground, the firm decided to cantilever the home over the...
The L-shaped secondary building perches over a craggy escarpment.
Stamp House (Cape Tribulation,...
The cantilevered deck juts out from the home. “You really feel like you’re floating,” Harnkess says.
The house cantilevers slightly over a concrete wall, adding a touch of lightness and drama to its approach.
A cantilevered cabin designed by R D Gentzler blends into the forest, even as it hovers above a 20-foot drop-off.
Teeland Architects designed this modern home on Australia’s Sunshine Coast in order to maximize views of the Pacific...
Occupying a footprint of just 110 square feet, the studio finds smart ways to maximize space.
Oriented to absorb the afternoon sun, floor-to-ceiling doors comprise two-thirds of the home’s west-facing walls, which...
DS+R partner Charles Renfro says the University wanted the musuem—which is situated at the crossroads of an arts...