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Danish Prefab Feels Much Larger Than Its 861 Square Feet


Sigurd Larsen created the illusion of space with high ceilings and tall windows.

“The idea was to make small spaces appear large and friendly,” Berlin-based architect Sigurd Larsen says of his latest project in Copenhagen. Working with a budget of just $130,000, he designed a prefabricated house for a single mother and her two young children that‚ despite clocking in at just 861 square feet, feels far from cramped. “By including the garden visually through floor-to-ceiling windows and extending the rooms to the full allowed height of 15 feet, it became a spacious and pleasant place to be.”

Since the front door is located in the exterior wall, residents first enter a vast garden before reaching the gable...
The house uses only three interlocking materials: a self-heated concrete floor that eliminates the need for...
An imaginary axis divides the floor plan down the middle, with the open plan living room and kitchen to the south and...
Since Copenhagen is generally cold, the house was painted black to trap warmth.
High windows on the east and west façades catch the sunrise and sunset, increasing light within the home.
The outer wall means residents don’t have to worry about privacy when the sun goes down and the house’s windows begin...
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