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DacorMatch Lets You Customize Your Oven Color in Literally Unlimited Ways


Custom colors extend to wall ovens courtesy of Dacor.

Fashions come and go, and the same holds true for appliance colors (avocado green, anyone?). California manufacturer Dacor has come up with a solution for people who lust after a prismatic kitchen, but fear buyer’s remorse—the DacorMatch system for its Discovery iQ and Renaissance wall ovens. “We’ve talked to the design community and found that they want to personalize kitchens with stylish appliances without giving up quality or performance,” says Dacor CEO Chuck Huebner. Simply send in any color swatch and Dacor will match it. The faceplates are removable so you’re not wedded to a single color for life; you can repaint as desired without buying a whole new oven.

The DacorMatch sytems lets you to customize the color of your Discovery iQ or Renaissance wall oven to match any swatch.
The faceplates are removable so you can update the color as often as you please.