Collection by Tiffany Chu

Czech Trek at the Biennale


Out of all of the exhibits at the Venice Biennale this year, I spent the most time sitting and playing inside the pavilion of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Along with being interactive, dynamic, and quite beautiful, it was a celebration of a well-known Dwell obsession: the countless possibilities of the wooden slat.

Walking from the direction of the French and Japanese pavilions, visitors were greeted by an explosion of wooden 1x4s...
Titled 'Natural Architecture,' the exhibit was born out of a concept developed by architects Martin Rajnis, Jana Ticha,...
I was first drawn to the space on the right, which was transformed into a workshop-playroom with the same 1x4 wood...
On the other side, a set of sculptural, geometric hangings are suspended from the atrium.
One reason why I enjoyed being here for so long was because it was a continuously morphing exhibit.
Sound was an important part of the pavilion as well - there was a constant racket from the clattering of wooden slats...
A neatly-framed spiral staircase leads the way to a second balcony level atop the central hallway that overlooks the...
A clean connection detail shows how the parts of the staircase are vertically held together.
The atrium spreads sunlight on the second floor, where an audience space is laid out for viewing Czech films.
"Architecture is undergoing a crisis. Our buildings no longer satisfy people.
If you're looking for more, this video> captures the experience of discovering and meandering through the pavilion...
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