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Culture Campsite Rotterdam

This electric cart, dubbed Sweet Potato, was produced by a blacksmith from nearby town Spijkenisse in the 1950s.
Scuba, a sleeping pod made out of two joined calf igloos, is one of Culture Campsite’s latest additions.
Besides 12 architectural objects, the campsite also boasts a fragrant garden.
'Trash Inn' is a former garbage container.
Little Pea, one of the most popular sleeping pods, was made out of discarded animal food silos collected from the Dutch...
Turned on its side, the igloo's original entrance becomes a window.
Architect Boris Duijneveld turned the barrel-like object on its side, put it on legs, and sawed off the tip, so guests...
The vans were made by a blacksmith called Spijkstaal from the nearby town Spijkenisse.
Culture Campsite is situated on an old parking lot close to the river the Maas.